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Life's weightier questions are thoroughly demolished in this award-winning physical comedy that veers from the profound to the ridiculous.


A host of eccentric characters explore the futility of our existence, from a cheese-loving pope to a lonely cowboy with only a goldfish for a friend.


Directed by Mick Barnfather (Complicite, Told By An Idiot)



“An evening of discovery and laughter”

The Adelaide Advertiser


"Lees plays with the normal, gives it a spiritual-origami fold, a twist and a turn and suddenly a move or a mundane sentence is an act of comedy genius.. Lees is a master of simplicity"
Fringe Review


"An hour of utter foolishness masterminded by a mad genius.. A delight from start to finish"

Prague Fringe


Mimetic Festival Judges Award for Theatre Winner 2014
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