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Corporate and Private Events

Our highly skilled immersive actors have performed walkabout street theatre for Glastonbury Festival, Secret Garden Party, Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe and numerous private and corporate events. Mad Etiquette provides highly skilled interactive performers who can adapt to different environments, audiences of all ages and any type of event, bouncing off the audience, hosting and creating something completely unique and fun.

If you are looking for something specific please get in touch, we are accustomed to and enjoy providing unique and bespoke entertainment for events.


Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson

Why not invite these two iconic characters to host or appear at your event? Ideal for hosting a Murder Mystery evening. "Elementary my Watson!"

The Establishment

Get in touch if you'd like these charming gents to turn up to your event and entertain your guests. 


The Establishment is an extremely fun, high-spirited theatrical walkabout, combining the best of clowning, quick wit and British stiff upper-lipped eccentricity.  Two quintessential English gentlemen wearing bowler hats and clothing from a bygone era, immerse those they meet in impromptu games of cricket, fox hunting and dodgy deals.

Back To School

Back to School walkabout is a hilarious throwback to the days of mortarboards, cardigans and detention.  The strict headmaster believes someone has been smoking behind the bike sheds, with the help of Mr Jenkins the PE teacher, they are determined to find out who.


This walkabout draws on the  world of British public schools. The characters interact as if everyone they meet are pupils, inviting them to play classic sports day games, become prefects or face detention.

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